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Ulla-Mari Lindström



Riogordo Ethnographic Museum,

Riogordo, Malaga, Spain

The artist employs photography, moving images, and natural materials as tools in her work, constructing installations from them.

Her work with nature began in 2014 using a method where she pressed parts of plants and animals onto porous thick paper using a printmaking press. She refers to these works as plant and animal imprints. Through these imprints, she mimics the structure and form of fossils, thereby referencing their temporal dimension.

The initial concern was the disappearance of plant species. The artistic aim of the project was to leave a memory of plants for future generations, a fossil-like imprint.

Moving from plants, the artist began creating imaginative plant and animal hybrids. The idea behind these hybrids was that the plant and animal kingdoms would struggle for living space and develop various means to survive in changing climate conditions.

Lindström's Hybrid Herbarium is part of the "Natural Art Collection" series. The collection is a humorous exploration of what might happen and what forms of life evolution could produce if the divergent branches of the living world were to merge again. It illustrates what new and unfamiliar species could emerge as living conditions and the environment change.

The objects on display in the exhibition have been gathered from the rich natural surroundings of the small village of Riogordo. Riogordo is located in the province of Malaga, Spain.

Many may consider these dried specimens collected from nature insignificant, but the artist has seen these previously unknown materials as treasures and has created various creatures from them in her hybrid herbarium.

Photography serves as a means for the artist to capture and reveal valuable details of nature that may not necessarily receive attention.


Ulla-Mari Lindström 


is a Finnish visual and media artist. She has studied art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

Since 2014, Lindström has been working on a series called "Natural Art Collection," exploring nature from an artist's perspective, assuming the role of a fictional naturalist.

She collects various types of plant and animal-based materials to construct imaginary animal and plant hybrids, as well as media installations.

The materials used in the exhibited works have been collected from Finland, Italy, the Andean mountains of Colombia, and from Riogordo, Spain.

In her art, Lindström examines important universal themes such as human greed, the wasteful use of natural resources, and soil depletion. She addresses challenging topics with humor, making difficult subjects easily approachable and leaving room for the viewer's imagination and free interpretation of the works.

  Ulla-Mari Lindstrom  Augmeneters cultural association

Article written by Jennie Rhodes
in Sur In English magazine 

Friday, 5 April 2024

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